Rufnit Kennels Braque du Bourbonnais – Tail Genetics

Braque du Bourbonnais have three tail genotype possibilities.

One of the genotypes is lethal (the puppies having this genotype will never be born), leaving two phenotypes.

Below are the tail possibilities from breeding pairs.

Producing the first Naturally Short Tail Braque du Bourbonnais’in North America(there are no known “tailless” Braque du Bourbonnais in the United States or Canada)

Allel C = ShortAllel I = Long


The allel C is the dominant gene


#1  Long (I-I) and Long (I-I)


Litter expected to be:100% Long (I-I)

#2  Long (I-I) and Short (C-I)


Litter expected to be:50% Short (C-I)50% Long (I-I)

#3  Short (C-I) and Short (C-I)


Litter expected to be:

25% not born (C-C)

50% Short (C-I)

25% Long (I-I)

**if you omit the “not born”

67% Short (C-I)

33% Long (I-I)

Note:  The above are estimates of what is to be expected ONLY.  Litters may vary.


Sole recipient of the prestigious

“Natural Ability Breeder Awards”

presented by NAVHDA for the

Braque du Bourbonnais



the FIRST litters of

Naturally Short Tailed/Tailless

Braque du Bourbonnais’

in North America


Rufnit Kennels, LLC is honored to be
recognized and supported by the
Club du Braque du Bourbonnais
(breed club in the country of origin – FRANCE)

There are many reputable breeders of fine upland hunting dogs throughout North America.  Unfortunately in this business like so many others, the buyer needs to be aware. Make sure that the puppy comes from a line of dogs that have good health credentials.  There should be a good history in the pedigree of dogs that perform in the field (field trials, hunt tests, etc.).  As a rule, avoid “backyard breeders.”  Leave the art and science of breeding to the breeders experienced with the breed and have produced proven progeny.  Take the time to make contacts and see if there are any consistent problems reported about the particular breeder you have selected.  NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) is the foundation registry and testing organization for the Braque du Bourbonnais in North America.  We sell to only responsible owners and utilize the “Breeding Restriction” registration offered by the registries.  Rufnit Kennels assumes a lifetime responsibility for the canine lives we place on this earth.  We require the dog/pup be returned to Rufnit Kennels should a situation arise and a dog/puppy need to be relocated.
Remember that the least expensive part of the cost of a dog is its initial price. Vet bills, feeding, kenneling, training etc. are what really cost the most. Our advice: Do your research, you and your companion will benefit in the long run.

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