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“On ne détruit pas une Race que l’on aime…”

One does not destroy a Race which one likes…”

Club duBraque duBourbonnais

Hip Dysplasia
Entropian EyesEctropian Eyes and Pulmonic Stenosis are the most common Health Concerns in Braque du Bourbonnais.

Check the links below for additional information on these Health Concerns:

Hip Dysplasia

Entropian Eyes

Ectropian Eyes

Pulmonic Stenosis

Per 1998-2005 NAVHDA data/~43% of the Braque du Bourbonnais’ registered in North America with NAVHDAare linked to the lines that produced confirmed Pulmonic Stenosis (this percentage has been increasing each year).(Pulmonic Stenosis was diagnosed in the lines of Elk Run EchoIn Remembrance…

take the time to check pedigrees carefully before purchasing or breeding a 
Braque du Bourbonnais!
         (you may need to go back beyond three generations)

When to Spay or Neuter Your Companion

Facts I consider PRIOR to breeding my dogs

I make responsible decisions for my companions and for myself.  The following are points that I consider prior to each breeding and review very carefully.

Registration is not an indication of quality.  Many dogs are wonderful pets, but have defects of structure, personality or health and should not be reproduced.  Animals being bred should be proven free of these defects before reproducing.  Improvement is my goal for breeding, attempting to create puppies better than their parents.  Once a life has been created, it can’t be taken back.

Dog breeding is not a money making project, when done correctly.  Health care and shots, diagnosis of problems and proof of quality, extra food, facilities, advertising are just a few examples of costs that must be paid before the pups can be sold.  Unexpected caesarean or emergency intensive care for a sick pup or dam will make a break even litter become a liability quickly.

Promises of “I’d like a pup just like yours” fade away quickly when the pups are on the ground.  I consider what I will do with a puppy that doesn’t sell.  My options DON’T consist of taking a puppy to the pound, or selling them to a dog broker who in turn may sell them to a lab.  This is why I requests cash deposits in advance for an average sized litter.

Birthing may happen at 3:00 AM or be on a vet’s surgery table.  Some dams are not natural mothers and either ignore or savage their puppies.  Dams may die in whelp or pups need to be euthanized due to gross deformities.  These are all things I think about and have to be ready to deal with, when I breed my dogs.

With an average litter, I (or an associate) spend the first two weeks with my puppies, 24/7.  Dam’s cannot be left alone while whelping and only for short periods for the first two weeks.  I’ve had many sleepless nights.  After delivery, the dam needs care and feeding.  Puppies need daily weighing and socialization.  The whelping box needs LOTS of cleaning along with the puppies.  Many hours are spent doing paperwork, pedigrees, taking photos/videos and talking to buyers.  If the dam can’t or won’t care for her puppies, I have to feed them myself.  Sick, orphaned, or rejected puppies take even more time so they don’t die, develop bad tempers and become antisocial.

There are millions of unwanted dogs put to death each year.  Millions more are dying homeless and unwanted.  Approximately a quarter of these dogs have registration papers.  Buyers have to be carefully screened.  Potential sales to irresponsible owners have to be turned down, so puppies I have nurtured and loved aren’t having litters of mongrels each time they go in heat.  I don’t want my puppies contributing to the statistics with my grand-puppies.  I am prepared to take back a grown puppy if the owners can no longer care for it.
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Attention:  With our companion involvement (hunting, training, seminars/clinics) it is difficult to catch us by phone.

E-mail has proven to be the quickest and most convenient form of communication with our schedules.

Because this is our home/residence, please pre-arrange all appointments/visits.

To omit infectious diseases, Rufnit Kennels is quarantined minimally one week prior and eight weeks post whelp.


Sole recipient of the prestigious

“Natural Ability Breeder Awards”

presented by NAVHDA for the

Braque du Bourbonnais



the FIRST litters of

Naturally Short Tailed/Tailless

Braque du Bourbonnais’

in North America


Rufnit Kennels, LLC is honored to be
recognized and supported by the
Club du Braque du Bourbonnais
(breed club in the country of origin – FRANCE)

There are many reputable breeders of fine upland hunting dogs throughout North America.  Unfortunately in this business like so many others, the buyer needs to be aware. Make sure that the puppy comes from a line of dogs that have good health credentials.  There should be a good history in the pedigree of dogs that perform in the field (field trials, hunt tests, etc.).  As a rule, avoid “backyard breeders.”  Leave the art and science of breeding to the breeders experienced with the breed and have produced proven progeny.  Take the time to make contacts and see if there are any consistent problems reported about the particular breeder you have selected.  NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) is the foundation registry and testing organization for the Braque du Bourbonnais in North America.  We sell to only responsible owners and utilize the “Breeding Restriction” registration offered by the registries.  Rufnit Kennels assumes a lifetime responsibility for the canine lives we place on this earth.  We require the dog/pup be returned to Rufnit Kennels should a situation arise and a dog/puppy need to be relocated.
Remember that the least expensive part of the cost of a dog is its initial price. Vet bills, feeding, kenneling, training etc. are what really cost the most. Our advice: Do your research, you and your companion will benefit in the long run.

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