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Mahler 1907

Photo courtesy of Michael Comte

The Braque du Bourbonnais (brock-do-bor-bon-NAY) is one of the most ancient French pointers originally out of Bourbon, a region of central France.  The breed was already known in 1598 as a dog skillful at hunting quail.

Authors described the breed as a pleasant companion of the hunter, of rustic and healthy appearance, born with a short tail, showing a white coat with widespread pale brown or fawn fine ticking.  The breeders wanted to impose an original coat of “faded lilac” and also of being born with a naturally short tail.  The dogs that differed cosmetically with tails or spots were not bred.  With such strict selections on a breed with a reduced gene pool, they became nearly extinct.  Between 1963 and 1973 there were no registrations with L.O.F.

With the dog being bred on appearance alone, the hunting instincts were sacrificed.  In 1970, under the influence and direction of Michel Comte, a team of breeders took on the task of helping the survival of the Bourbonnais Pointing Dog.  With the acceptance of spots and docked tails, the hunting instincts were brought back.  The first Bourbonnais was imported into the US in the late 1980’s.  Marc Sudret (Pech de Cayrol) was the breeder under Francoise Sarret’s (Croix Saint Loup) kennel name.

Michel Comte & le Braque du Bourbonnais
(subtitled in English)

Marc Sudret with Porporina du Pech de Cayrol

Photo courtesy of Marc Sudret

History regarding the

Club du Braque du Bourbonnais


(translated to English from the official Club du Braque du Bourbonnais web site)

… The Club’s history.
The archives and the literature available, we suggest that the idea of creating a club race on our dog, dates from 1919.

Indeed, at that time, Dr. Henry Rigondet surgeon in Montluçon and Mr. Victor Leger, mayor of Vichy, passionate Braque du Bourbonnais, expressed this idea that made its way to reach, in 1925, the formal constitution Club du Braque du Bourbonnais. (CBB)

1925 is also the year of filing of the first breed standard in the near Société Centrale Canine.

The first president was M. de Lachomette active. He was elected to the presidency of the Société Centrale Canine in 1938 on that date, the Secretary General, Mr. Bush, assumed, therefore, the newspaper club.

World War II interrupted the activities Dog of France. Many breeds in French regional suffered the consequences, often negative, for their livestock.

In 1947, the club resumed its activities.

Mr. President Tourret was always supported by Mr. Bush, Secretary General, ensuring a logical transition.

Followed a period of sleep in the club. The fad for some races with the consent of the hunters, has endangered many of our wonderful breeds of soils.

In the 1970s, a group of enthusiasts on a mission revival of Braque du Bourbonnais.

In 1985, after a formal internship, the Canine Central Company has once again entrusted the management of the Club’s race Braque du Bourbonnais.

Michel Comte assumed the presidency of the period until July 2001, when Alain Picot was elected to the presidency.

In 2002 a new constitution and bylaws were approved.

Despite the many ups and downs that have marked its existence, the purpose of the Club Braque du Bourbonnais is always the same:

This breed is “Complete” as a hunting and family companion.  They possess exceptional noses, unbelievable desire and drive.  These versatile gun dogs have a deliberate search in the field.  The Braque du Bourbonnais’ are calm, affectionate family companions.  They are wrapped up in a medium sized package that is easily maintained with their short, minimal shedding, “Wash-and-wear” coats.

We, at Rufnit Kennels, are striving to keep this breed thriving.  NAVHDA is the foundation registry and testing organization for the Braque du Bourbonnais in North America.  Our dogs are tested through NAVHDA, which has an excellent approach to training hunting dogs.  Nothing is more important to us than the welfare and perpetuation of these remarkable companions.

Rufnit Kennels continues to make history by being the sole recipient of the prestigious “Natural Ability Breeder Awards” presented by NAVHDA for the Braque du Bourbonnais.  These awards confirm that Rufnit Kennels is keeping on track with their breeding program.  By NAVHDA using a “standard” for testing purposes, Rufnit Kennels can compare our Braque du Bourbonnais with other versatile breeds.  We are producing Braque du Bourbonnais’ with fantastic hunting instincts and abilities.  Rufnit Kennels has produced the youngest Braque du Bourbonnais to receive “Prizes” in Natural Ability through NAVHDA at five months of age (proving true Natural Ability), the Utility Preparatory Test at eleven months of age and the Utility Test at nineteen months of age.  As for North American bred Braque du Bourbonnais’, Rufnit Kennels’ progenies notably dominate the NAVHDA Prize I NA’s (~80%), with numerous progeny holding NA Prize II and NA Prize III positions!  Rufnit Kennels’ thrives on producing superior companions.  To ensure the quality of our companions we take it a step higher than ever before, to  DNA Certify our Sire’s and Dam’s.  Rufnit Kennels’ is worthy of their place in the Braque du Bourbonnais’ “history-in-the-making.”

Rufnit Fortune

Rufnit Kennels, LLC has a history of breeding sound, quality bird dogs…

and in turn producing sound, quality bird dogs.

Additional Data:
Michael Comte continues to keep data regarding 
all aspects of the Braque du Bourbonnais.The following chart shows the number of Braque du Bourbonnais’ registered by area per year.

You can find this and additional information in it entirety on the sites he maintains:

The Braque du Bourbonnais Forum and Braque du Bourbonnais Information Site

The following is taken from The Braque du Bourbonnais Forum site:

Michael Comte:

Here is the table of all the Bourbonnais birth in the world (except a the few first American litters registered in Porto Rico which I don’t have). I let you discover what is new this year:

By the way Shari, I think you are the breeder who had the biggest number of puppies in 2007, bravo. And they hunt, it’s clear. I hope the French will do as well as you in 2008!

Above data, chart and information courtesy of Michael Comte


Sole recipient of the prestigious

“Natural Ability Breeder Awards”

presented by NAVHDA for the

Braque du Bourbonnais



the FIRST litters of

Naturally Short Tailed/Tailless

Braque du Bourbonnais’

in North America


Rufnit Kennels, LLC is honored to be
recognized and supported by the
Club du Braque du Bourbonnais
(breed club in the country of origin – FRANCE)

There are many reputable breeders of fine upland hunting dogs throughout North America.  Unfortunately in this business like so many others, the buyer needs to be aware. Make sure that the puppy comes from a line of dogs that have good health credentials.  There should be a good history in the pedigree of dogs that perform in the field (field trials, hunt tests, etc.).  As a rule, avoid “backyard breeders.”  Leave the art and science of breeding to the breeders experienced with the breed and have produced proven progeny.  Take the time to make contacts and see if there are any consistent problems reported about the particular breeder you have selected.  NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) is the foundation registry and testing organization for the Braque du Bourbonnais in North America.  We sell to only responsible owners and utilize the “Breeding Restriction” registration offered by the registries.  Rufnit Kennels assumes a lifetime responsibility for the canine lives we place on this earth.  We require the dog/pup be returned to Rufnit Kennels should a situation arise and a dog/puppy need to be relocated.
Remember that the least expensive part of the cost of a dog is its initial price. Vet bills, feeding, kenneling, training etc. are what really cost the most. Our advice: Do your research, you and your companion will benefit in the long run.

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